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Pasasport's 4 production plants are located in Italy, Tunisia, Romania and China.
All our plants have always operated with the same intent of values and culture in which we strongly believe, thus eliminating any geographical distance.

ITALY - Villa Bartolomea

Headquarters, historic headquarters and true heart of Pasasport. Villabartolomea is the headquarters where all the company's central departments are located, from the product office, to the administration, commercial and custom service department, purchasing office, warehouse and logistics.
At the Villasbartolomea site there is also a production sector organized with new technological machines for cutting, sewing and printing of prototypes, samples and small productions.

EAST GLOVE - Romania

First foreign headquarters owned by Pasasport. Its surface of 300m of surface hosts implants for the sewing and packaging of any type of sports accessory. A team of long and consolidated experience works in it, able to create articles with high technical content.


New headquarters with cutting-edge technologies for cutting and sewing. Active in process control and production monitoring, a young company in which Pasasport has invested heavily to expand its production capacity.
The plant boasts 700m2 of surface organized in the best way and with the most suitable comforts for the production needs of its collaborators.


In the Far East we have 5 partnerships strongly linked to Pasasport, with over twenty years of strong collaboration, always maintaining excellent working relationships. A part of our production sector able to meet the needs of products from the simplest to the most elaborate, with a wide range of technologies available.

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