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HDry is the best performing breathable waterproof membrane on the market and it is the only one that does not contain PTFE.

We have been glove manufacturers for almost 50 years and our main purpose has always kept constant: the comfort of the athlete, the resistance to extreme agents and the respect for the environment.

In the event of moderate rain, wind and low temperatures, three-layer fabrics can certainly be enough. However, traditional membranes, fixed only in the tips and wrist of the glove, are not sufficient in case of heavy rain and extreme cold.

The reason is simple: water and cold air which remain trapped by the outer glove, which remains completely soaked.

Finally we found a solution to this problem: HDry technology.
Through this new lamination process the outer glove is completely coated, in an unmovable way and without cracks, with a waterproof and breathable membrane that resists to a water column of over 20,000 mm (UNI-EN 2081).

The difference with its famous "ancestors", and not for long competitors, is clear:
The weight of the same glove, with the traditional membrane, is nearly twice as high because of the moisture collected in the outer layer.
• The hand remains dry and especially warm even with an external temperature of -30°.
• The fit is considerably improved, the glove is close-fitting and more ergonomic, thanks to the mobility of the lining.
But it is in trying it that you really understand the difference which separates the two performances: contact us to experience the difference!

In addition, unlike most of the other preformed membranes already on the market, HDry does not contain substances which are harmful for humans and for the environment, such as the PTFE (commonly called Teflon and chemically defined Polytetrafluoroethylene). This polymer is very popular for its excellent chemical-physical characteristics, especially for the waterproofing treatments of textile articles in the outdoor market. During the industrial production of textile articles, PTFE is inevitably released into the nature and it takes a long time to decompose, remaining in the environment for many years and spreading throughout the globe, from surface water to groundwater, but also in the air and in the domestic dust.

Conversely, the HDry membrane is made of hydrophilic polyurethane that we induce to reticulate with pressure and high temperature, so that it perfectly adheres to the roundness of the glove, so as to maintain light and comfortable fit.

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