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Hats, designed and made for the fashion industry by Pasasport, are the result of a wise union between fashion demands and our experience in the sport’s sector. This process has led to innovative results in the production of accessories both for mountain and city, ranging from casual to specialized and technical accessories, to luxurious detail in leather and fur.

We provide our customers a personalized service, as well as a product, complete with graphic simulations and stylistic suggestions but also specialized technical advice.

The different needs are interpreted using different fabrics, from wool or fleece, acrylic, cashmere, goose feather and Thinsulate, to different technical fabrics used for alpine skiing. The prototype is the result of a close collaboration with the costumer’s office product in order to reach the final version for the series of samples, that is to say for the fashion show or for the photo shoot.

Our products, are imported or made in Italy, are the mirror of aninnovative design and attention paid to details that is particularly appreciated from established designers as Thom Browne